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After careful review, I have concluded The Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet is a wonderful resource to be added to your library. The book satisfies the criterion of promoting a healthy lifestyle for everyone. In addition, it should be an excellent tool for pre-diabetics, newly diabetics looking for an understanding of diabetes and manage it effectively. The list of positives is many (recipes, tips on overcoming challenges, motivation, losing weight and maintaining it, eating healthy and nutritiously, etc.,). Another critical aspect of this book lies in the fact it is not restrictive because it adds value towards your healthy living lifestyle. Losing weight, keeping it off while promoting a healthy overall lifestyle of living and eating is a recipe without borders for everyone. This book will become a  priceless resource in your collection you will love and enjoy using over and over again.

Final thoughts!

Always, always, remember to consult with your Primary Care Physician (PCP)/Registered Dietitian/Registered Nutritionist before proceeding on any lifestyle changes. In this manner, there can be common agreement on the best course to proceed on. I would highly recommend purchasing the companion journal to monitor your progress and have information at your fingertips available for your professionals to review. This specific individualized information will become priceless to you and your professionals! As always, your feedback, ideas and whatever is on your mind will always be welcome. Please feel free to communicate. The response will be done in a timely manner. Thanks for stopping by at and please come again!


Mayo Clinic Diabetic Guide

You may also want to purchase the companion, The Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet Journal. This will help you track and record your daily progress and provide critical information readily available for your Primary Care Physician, registered dietitian/registered nutritionist.

Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet JOURNAL

Last update 3/22/17!


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