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islandburt.com wants to encourage the diabetic community to be strong and diligent about maintaining their diabetic diet. In addition, I would encourage the public at large, especially individuals with family member/s  already diagnosed with diabetes. The reason here is very simple. There is a significant part of the population at large afflicted with diabetes and do not realize it.  In essence, diabetes can be prevalent for many, many years in individuals and they are not aware of it. In fact, the American Diabetes Association suggests there is over eight (8) million Americans who had ‘undisclosed’ diabetes. This number gets mind-boggling if we try and visualize the numbers worldwide. They say; knowledge is power; Get tested today to ‘know where you stand’. A diabetic diet which promotes a healthy eating lifestyle with diabetic recipes takes center stage for me and the diabetic communities at large.

What are the main ingredients in a diabetic diet?




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Why does a diabetic diet takes center stage when you are diabetic? To provide some guidance and answers, let’s try and define what are the primary ingredients in a diabetic diet! Most experts including the American Diabetes Associations will agree a diabetic diet will consist of the following foods: ‘Poultry, fish, lean meats, whole grains, beans, vegetables, fruit and non-fat dairy products’. All thing are not equal and each individual is responsible to consult with their Primary Care Provider (PCP) working along with their dietitian because a diabetic diet involves eating the right proportions of the foods listed for excellent low sugar, low salt, and low-fat management combined with whole grains, fruits, vegetables along with natural juices and water to help avoid constipation.


Personal improvement based on a diabetic diet!

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There is another theme that rings true among all experts! A diabetic diet is one of the healthiest and nourishing diets there is! Let’s repeat that! A diabetic diet is one of the healthiest known diets! In essence, one does not have to be on a diabetic diet to maintain excellent health and sometimes even weight loss (as usual anyone thinking about weight loss should always contact their physician to understand all the factors involved in their history before attempting any weight loss program). As I stated in my About Me section, I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes since 2004.  I am 5’11” tall and weighed 254 lbs in 2011 at the height of my overweight. At 254 lbs, based on my height, I would be considered obese by most experts standard. It would seem I was losing my seven (7) year battle with diabetes.

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However, the truth can be a great redeemer. I was not maintaining a healthy diabetic diet lifestyle. Adjustment needed to made. I worked with my PCP and dietitian and formulated a plan. Fast forward to now I am weighing 177 lbs (updated January 2018). I have lost 77 lbs (also updated January 2018) in over 6 years.  I am currently in my desired range of weighing between 126 and 178 lbs. I am still not satisfied and will be looking to lose additional weight and always trying my best not to exceed 178 lbs. My healthy diabetic diet, tasty diabetic diet, delicious diabetic diet,  and mouth-watering diabetic diet has yielded dividends and pointed me in the right direction. There is little doubt in my mind, a healthy diet, improving quality of life, for example, managing stress more effectively, along with daily walking sessions contributed to improved diabetic dieting along with considerable weight loss. My Hemoglobin A1C or Whole Blood level has improved and fluctuates between 5.9 and 6.1 which says I have an increased risk of diabetes according to my online charts from Weill Cornell Medicine. There is a lot of work left to be done. This is not the time to get complacent.


A diabetic diet promotes healthy eating habits it can help everyone!


Ladies and gentlemen, a healthy diabetic diet complemented with the right diabetic recipes have been proven and tested to be one of the healthiest, if not the healthiest. The public spends billions if not trillions on all manner of unproven health aids and supplements etc., etc., We all seem to ignore the proven health benefits of a diabetic diet. The presumption it is only for diabetic eating is incorrect. After all, a diabetic diet involves healthy eating habits. Isn’t it? Right! I am very surprised if not shocked regarding the fact diabetic diets combined with all the awesome recipes have not been a craze or a fad, so to speak.

The diet promotes healthy eating habits. Am I correct? Yes! Healthy eating habits are for everyone. Right? Yes! So, what are you waiting for? Get on board here at islandburt.com and explore the wonderful world of eating healthy again! You owe it to yourself. You are unique, awesome and oh so special. Right? Absolutely! When it’s time to start treating yourself in that manner! Do wait for anyone to do it. Begin right here and now, today at islandburt.com with your full complement of diabetic recipes to complement your well-needed lifestyle change to a healthy and rewarding experience in eating. The rewards will be bountiful with taste. enjoying and satisfying; you will be asking yourself, what took you so long?


Thank you!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you commit to a healthy lifestyle of eating whether you are diabetic or not. Healthy eating should be one of your priorities. A diabetic diet is a time-tested for a healthy eating experience! Don’t be left behind or better yet, leave the crowd of doubters behind on your way to a life-changing experience on your own tailored diabetic diet! May all the healthiest eating diet be with you.

As always, please remember to consult with your Primary Doctor/dietitian/nutritionist before making major adjustments in healthy eating patterns, using diabetic recipes. Thank you for visiting islandburt.com. I  hope you found some diabetic recipes to satisfy your healthy eating desires. Please come again and pass the word on to family and friends!

Last update 1/08/18

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