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Family eating- gluten freEating Healthy Benefits Everyone!


Eating healthy should be a goal and a priority for everyone. However, it is more than likely the majority of the general population do not follow healthy eating patterns. Are you interested in following a healthy eating plan? You should be. The time is now to combine your ‘nutrition and health’!

Let’s use the United States as an example. in a web article, Dietary Guidelines 2015-2020 *stated:

  • ♦ “About three-fourths of the population has an eating pattern that is low in vegetables, fruits, dairy, and oils”. 1
  • ♦ “More than half of the population is meeting or exceeding total grain and total protein foods recommendations, but, as discussed later in the chapter, are not meeting the recommendations for the subgroups within each of these food groups”. 2
  • ♦ “Most Americans exceed the recommendations for added sugars, saturated fats, and sodium”. 3  also added: “In addition, the eating patterns of many are too high in calories. Calorie intake over time, in comparison to calorie needs, is best evaluated by measuring body weight status. The high percentage of the population that is overweight or obese suggests that many in the United States over consume calories. As documented in the Introduction, Table I-1, more than two-thirds of all adults and nearly one-third of all children and youth in the United States are either overweight or obese”. 4

Some of these points from are worth repeating. Around 75 % The United States eating habits include low vegetable, fruits, dairy, and oils consumption. On the flip side, there is high sodium, sugar and saturated fats consumption by ‘most’. High-calorie intake compound these problems with over 66%  with obesity and overweight as the by-product. What does all this mean? The underlying need is for improvement in healthy diet considerations!

A Diabetic Diet is Recommended as “The Best Eating Plan for Most Everyone”, by the Mayo Clinic!

Let’s take a look at an array of goodies on a diabetic diet such as Fish, poultry and lean meats, fruits, vegetable, whole grains, low-fat dairy, nuts, legumes, oils (example: Olive, canola) and seasoning to name most of the heavy hitters! That’s a list with a solid foundation for any healthy, balanced, enjoyable meal for anyone including a diabetic diet. In fact, the prestigious and #1 ranked hospital in the United States, Mayo Clinic in a web-based article on September 9, 2016, emphasized in a definition of a diabetic diet stating:

“A diabetes diet simply means eating the healthiest foods in moderate amounts and sticking to regular mealtimes.

A diabetes diet is a healthy-eating plan that’s naturally rich in nutrients and low in fat and calories. Key elements are fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. In fact, a diabetes diet is the best eating plan for most everyone”.5 Let’s reinforce the last line of the quote again. In fact, a diabetes diet is the best eating plan for most everyone. Ladies and gentlemen, it does not get any better in terms of affirming a diabetic diet is the best eating plan for most of us!

The Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet
Please click on this link to View/Purchase Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet Aims to Cover All Bases in Providing Diabetic/Healthy Recipes to Supplement Your “Best Eating Plan”!

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Looking at the list recommended foods listed, there should be a familiar theme to everyone. These are everyday items on most of us shopping list. Therefore there is no additional cost beyond increased prices or lower prices in specific regions of the country over others. Keeping this in mind, will be offering an extensive array of diabetic/healthy recipes to satisfy and enrich the healthy lifestyle of eating for diabetics and everyone else. Eating healthy should become a priority for all of us.

It is my aim to supply all the diabetic recipes which satisfy and fulfills the healthy, nourished, tasty and mouth-watering eating delight for everyone! Are you ready to start eating healthy, while having the best meal plan? Keep coming back to and be satisfied with all the tasty, healthy and appetizing diabetic recipes on offer for all your meal planning. All bases will be covered for your complete healthy satisfaction while following the advice of the #1 Hospital in the United States. It’s a winning proposition!

Your personal healthy eating and living lifestyle take top priority.

Doctor Patient Consultation

As always, it is very important to consult with your doctor, nutritionist or dietitian before proceeding with specific recipes available. Each individual is unique and many different factors could come into play towards a healthy eating and living lifestyle. The focus should always what’s best for you and should be followed up with professional advise.


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Updated February 7, 2017.

Updated March 22, 2017.

Last update March 16, 2018.


1-4. Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion “Current Eating Patterns in the United States”. (Chapter 2) accessed December 18, 2016,

5. Mayo Clinic “Diabetes diet: Create your healthy eating plan.” Mayo Clinic Staff  accessed December 18, 2016,





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10 thoughts on “Eating Healthy with Diabetic Recipes

  1. I always thought that diabetes is a state of life and not a disease and I think that your article comes to confirm my thought! All of us must eat healthy food in moderate amounts and stick to regular mealtimes! Thank you for making it clear! Great article, indeed! We need to learn how to eat and what we eat as well!
    Best wishes,

    1. Rebecca,

      Yes, learning how, when, and what to eat are 3 of the guiding light to aid towards establishing a healthy eating lifestyle. We all have different needs since ‘one cap does not fit all. As long as we are mindful of that, become focused, and dedicated we are on our way towards healthy eating with the associated nutrients and health benefits. Thanks for stopping by and offering me your thoughts!

    1. Ed,

      You are welcome! I am glad I have provided you with information beneficial to me. I hope some of the diabetic recipes offered will help you maintain a balanced, healthy, nutritious eating lifestyle combined with associated health benefits. Thanks for stopping by to offer your feedback. Your feedback will always be appreciated. I hope to see soon!

  2. Very helpful and very informative Burt. My brother was recently told he had Diabetes. He did get it under control with weight loss and diet. I will be sure to share your site as the recipes are so helpful. Thanks so much.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. I also appreciate the the recommendation. Eating healthy daily will be instrumental in your brother maintaining control of his diabetes. I am sure you will help along the way. I would be honored on my end to offer any help in form of diabetic recipes to complement his healthy balanced eating lifestyle. Thanks again for taking time to visit and offer your insights and constructive feedback. They are/will always be welcomed and appreciated!

  3. This post is great not just for persons that are diabetics but I believe that persons on the whole can benefit from this post and while it may be true that this recipes are for those who are diabetic yet does who are not diabetics can use this as a guideline when it comes to taking care of ones health because the key here is to live a more healthy life style. Eating right is for everyone

    1. Norman,
      I appreciate your feedback! Yes! Healthy diabetic recipes is for everyone. A healthy eating lifestyle calls for eating healthy. Diabetics recipes offered here at brings healthy eating for everyone to center stage. As you so aptly stated, “The key here is to live a more healthy lifestyle. Eating right is for everyone”. That’s it in a nutshell. Anyone placing an emphasis on healthy eating will love the payback of eating using diabetic recipes.

      I am very thankful you took the opportunity to stop by to offer your insights. Please continue to visit and we will provide you the best customer experience along with articles, information and of course diabetic recipes to satisfy your health and taste!

      Kindest regards,

  4. This is the first time I have heard seen the connection made that everyone should be following a diet like a diabetic eating plan, but that makes so much sense! When I am following a healthy eating plan, it definitely aligns with this sentiment, as lots of the food that are advised also happen to be lower on the Glycemic index. And making choices that keep your body fueled without producing highs and lows which effect your energy output (and determined what you eat for that next meal or snack!) Is a win-win for everyone.

    1. Martina,

      I appreciate your comments! I am a diabetic for about 12 years now. Sadly, I did not seriously maintain a healthy eating plan for around the first 7 years. Anyway, I have been more sensible with my healthy diabetic eating over the last 5 years and have reaped some much needed benefits. I maintain daily walking along with my diet. Most days my walking are at my leisure at a pace that’s comfortable and suitable to me for 30/45/60 minutes. On a feel good day I push myself past 60 minutes.

      It is interesting to note that a diabetic diet is one of the healthiest eating lifestyle anywhere. Managing your carbs, fiber, protein, etc., are all on the healthy diabetic recipe menu. There will be a need to debunk many of the myths about being diabetic. A lot of wrong negative beliefs are prevalent. I am ready for challenge. As long as everyone bear in mind changing to a healthy eating lifestyle requires consulting with the doctor/dietitian/nutritionist in order to know how to utilize healthy diabetic recipes to their full advantage.

      Again, thanks for taking time out to give me feedback. Best wishes for success going forward!



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