Healthy Diabetic Snack Ideas-Satisfying The Urge!

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Fighting the diabetic hunger urge-what can you do?

As a diabetic, there is one constant always there! The urge to eat! It seems as if I am always hungry! My standard line is, ‘I just had breakfast/lunch/dinner. I can’t believe I am still hungry’! The reality of the situation is it’s not a one-day passing fancy; it’s a way of life. I would need a way to counteract the ‘always hungry’ urge. Healthy diabetic snacks became my password to satisfying the hunger urge. Health diabetic snack ideas can take many forms, as the following paragraphs will give a brief overview on some of the available nuggets for healthy diabetic snacking ideas!

Fruits and Fruits

First, Let’s take a look at some fruits and the bountiful of healthy diabetic snacks they offer, not to mention the tasty and nutritious value they offer. This list is provided from the web courtesy of American Diabetes Association under the food and fitness/food/what can I eat/making healthy food choices category. The “common fruits are Apples: applesauce; apricots; avocado; banana; blackberries; blueberries; cantaloupe; cherries; fruit cocktail; grapefruit, grapes; honeydew melon; kiwi; mango; nectarine; orange; papaya; peaches; pears; pineapple; plums; raspberries; strawberries; tangerines; watermelon.  Dried fruits such as cherries, cranberries, dates, figs, prunes, raisins” 1

Endless Possibilities For Healthy Diabetic Snacks-Create Your Own Mouth Watering Combinations!

The extensive list provided by the American Diabetes Association is given to emphasize the vast array of choices available for healthy diabetic snacking. It’s a wonderland for creating delicious, healthy and tasty diabetic delights to satisfy our eating urge. What are the benefits? How about a bountiful of goodies, including fiber, vitamins, and minerals. We have to be careful because carbohydrates (carbs) are involved. So do not forget to be aware of your carbohydrates intake. Don’t forget to draw on your doctor/dietitian expertise to help manage your blood glucose level resulting from carbohydrates. Are you ready to get lost in the healthy diabetic snack wonderland? I have been a regular member! I am waiting for you to come and enjoy! have you covered. Delicious, mouth watering diabetic snack recipes will be on offer! After all, sharing healthy diabetic snack recipes is caring! Isn’t it? Sure it is!

Do not become mindless during your healthy diabetic snacks- know your limitations!

Salad for you!

It is critical for diabetics to understand their carbohydrates count if they are counting. It is also important to understand healthy diabetic snacking does not mean going overboard. The reality is, it’s a between meal healthy diabetic snack, not a meal. According to Lisa M. Dierks in a web article, Nutrition and healthy eating, for the Mayo Clinic, “Snacking is not a bad thing as long as you are making nutritious choices and taking your daily caloric needs into consideration”. 2 She also Fruit Basketemphasized, “Remember, in a typical meal plan snacks usually account for 100 to 300 calories for the day (depending on your specific caloric needs). Be sure to keep portion sizes appropriate and not overindulge with mindless munching”. 3

There are a variety of other foods which can be used to satisfy your hunger urges besides fruits. For example Vegetables, nuts, whole grains, low-fat yogurt,  cottage cheese. Some or all of these will be visited on other pages. At the moment, enjoy the wide array of fruits available at your disposal. In moderation, they all offer healthy diabetic snacks, individually or in combinations. Aall, your healthy diabetic eating is a priority and you deserve the best options from the wealth of goodness provided in fruits. will ensure you stay satisfied with diabetic recipes to soothe your healthy diabetic snacking souls!


Don’t forget to always consult with your primary doctor/dietitian/nutritionist in making dietary changes, snacking or otherwise. Your health comes first! Thanks for visiting and viewing any/all of my pages/posts. Please come again and don’t forget to make comments/suggestions. I will respond as soon as possible!



Last update March 22, 2017.


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