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TITLE: Teens taking on type 1 diabetes (1)diabetes type 1 and 2



About Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).  

“JDRF is the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. Our strength lies in our exclusive focus and singular influence on the worldwide effort to end T1D.” (2)  You can read more about JDRF here on the link provided. (3)

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Diabetes in the 20 years and under group on the rise!

The article entitled, Diabetes is on the rise in America’s kids and the experts don’t know why and were printed on April 14, 2017. The emphasis of the article, written by Sean Rossman for USA TODAY, was placed on a new study highlighting newly diagnosed diabetics 20 years and younger from 2002-2012. The following 4 paragraphs are the closing ones in the article.

  1. “The study, published Friday in the New England Journal of Medicine, showed higher rates of diabetes diagnoses among minorities. Type 2 diabetes, which the CDC stated makes up about 90% to 95% of diagnosed diabetes cases, rose by 8.5% in Asian Americans ages 10-19. Blacks in the same age group saw a 6.3% increase, followed by a 3.1% bump in Hispanics and whites at fewer than a 1% increase.” (4)
  2.  “Hispanics saw the biggest rate increase of Type 1 diabetes with a 4.2% increase, followed by blacks at 2.2% and whites at 1.2%.” (5)
  3.  “In terms of gender, girls and women 10-19 saw a 6.2% increase in Type 2 diabetes, while men and boys of the same age experienced a 3.7% increase. Across all age groups, Type 1 diabetes increased 2.2% in males and 1.4% in females.” (6)
  4. “CDC epidemiologist Dr. Giuseppina Imperatore said those who develop diabetes at a young age are at risk of developing complications from the disease earlier, lowering their quality of life, shortening life expectancy and increasing health care costs.” (7)  You can view the entire article here including a 55-second video overview! (8)

Reviewing Book: The Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet By Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic Diabetic Guide

About Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic Hospital

Many experts view Mayo Clinic as one of the worldwide leaders’ in medical care.  Many other experts consider them the #1 ranked hospital in the United States. They are leaders in some specific areas of medicine such as Diabetes including successful treating and studying, Endocrinology, Nephrology, and Neurosurgery, etc., You can view some of their many endorsements here! 1

The Master Guide!


Mayo Clinic Diabetes DietThe Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet by Mayo Clinic is a proposed master guide giving methods to control diabetes, with an eye on losing and maintaining weight loss while promoting a healthy eating lifestyle. The book also recommends a change in lifestyle habits including means of incorporating good habits while losing bad habits. Bear in mind, Mayo Clinic is on record saying a diabetic diet is recommended as  ” The best eating plan for most everyone”. Expectations are high for the many offerings presented in this book.

Tasty And Diabetic Friendly Smoothies For All!

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I would like to begin by emphasizing I am not a doctor, registered dietitian or nutritionist. I am a type 2 diabetic employing a one day at a time attitude towards all aspects of my health.  Anyone considering lifestyle changes regarding their eating habits should consult with their primary doctor, registered dietitian or nutritionist. In this manner, a plan can be made based on their needs for a healthy eating lifestyle. Everyone will have different needs. The ‘one shoe fits all’ theory can have far-reaching effects on individual well-being, especially for those of us suffering from diabetes and required to manage our sugar, carbohydrates, salt and fat intake daily. Your health is and will always be a priority. Please act responsibly before making any drastic eating lifestyle changes.


Smoothies Are On Everyone’s List!

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If we conducted a poll, we would have a healthy cross-section of representation on the smoothie radar. There are fruit smoothies, vegan smoothies, green smoothies, herb and spices smoothies, nuts, and legumes to name some of the popular ones. Not to mention, smoothies and combinations among some or all of them. Everyone seems to have their slice of tasty smoothie paradise. My emphasis and I would like you to think seriously about the balanced meal plan focusing on fruits, vegetables, whole grains and protein while making your tasty and diabetic friendly smoothie. We agree we love our smoothies. We have everything to gain by making our taste buds come alive and our bodies reap nutrients and health benefits! A balanced tasty and diabetic friendly smoothie offers a very reliable means of getting much needed daily nutrients at breakfast, lunch or dinner.